Dangers of Poor Communication

Dangers of Poor Communicationcommunication

How well do you communicate?

I just got back from a trip overseas that brought home to me how poor communication can lead to unexpected challenges.

A few weeks ago I was offered a brief consulting assignment in the Middle East. Well, apart from a short visit to Beirut many years ago, I have never spent time in the Middle East. So, naturally, I was eager to enjoy the experience.

The interesting part, though, is a takeaway I brought back on communication problems. I have always believed myself to be a pretty good communicator: generally people understand what I’m saying, even though they might not agree with me. But then, I’m mostly dealing with people whose first language is English. Continue reading

Purpose, Passion, and Profit – 6 Questions for You

Purpose, Passion, and Profit – 6 Questions for You

With many options for vocations, how do we choose where to focus our efforts for creating viable sources of income? “Oh-look-something-shiny” seems to affect many of us, and each carrot dangled just out-of-reach looks juicier than the one we longed-for last week. What should we consider before jumping on still another “wonderful opportunity”?

Binary plan 3

Having been lured by a succession of chart presentations featuring dollar $igns and circles (with the top circle labeled “YOU”), most of us have been assured that we indeed can become Top Circle, collecting overrides on the other circles’ efforts. As new associates, we strive to understand the compensation plan, talk to strangers, attend multiple seminars, and keep in touch with our “upline” … So, why have we failed to build huge, sustainable organizations of living circles?

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7 Tips for Massive Action

7 Tips for Massive Action Take Massive Action

I just got back from the “Take Massive Actionevent in San Antonio.

I also took massive inaction (LOL!) sitting in a bus for over two hours when most of the streets were blocked with parades! It turned out that San Antonio chose last week to hold a major fiesta to fill the gap between Easter and May 5 (Cinco de Mayo). Everybody and his uncle was out …

Band Boat

Do you attend events? If not, you don’t know what you’re missing. I find three huge benefits in events like “Take Massive Action”:

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Do You Want to Get Better?

Do You Want to Get Better?

SuperBetterEverybody wants to get better at something, whether it’s to lose weight, run faster, make more money, be healthier or play a better game of golf.  What do you want to get better at or from?  What if you could do this by playing a game?

I came across this excellent blog post today that tells just how you can do that.  Yorinda Wanner wrote a post entitled “Super Better – Introduction to the Game for Getting Better“. Continue reading

Do You make Lists? (And Then Lose Them!)

Do you make lists and then lose them? I know I do. Or I forget to take them with me …

Back in the day, I had a PDA, but it finally became obsolete, and anyway it was a pain to use.PDA

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your lists with you wherever you are?

Well, you can do it! Continue reading

Are You Ready for Retirement?

Are You Ready for Retirement?

The View From Our Island Home

The View From Our Island Home

Soon after Alan and Billie retired, we moved to a Caribbean island where we had built a home to retire to. We put our US home on the market and prepared to settle down to a life of scuba diving and hanging out on the beach with friends. Everybody’s dream, right?

It lasted about six months before we realized that all this was not enough. Maybe some people can live that way, but not us. We also found that most of our friends became seriously involved either in their own businesses or in volunteer work.

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chromecastChromecast is a neat dongle designed to convert a regular TV into a smart TV. At $35, I decided it was worth a try, so I bought one last week. Before I review it, let me describe what I wanted it for, because my setup and needs may be different from yours. Continue reading

Love What You Do – Do What You Love.

Love What You DoDo What You Love.

Valentine’s day is the day you reach out to loved ones and show some extra appreciation and care. It’s a special day for many. I hope you reached out to someone that day and expressed love!

Let’s talk about another kind of “Love”

Your Work – What you do each and every day?

Do you love what you do?

Are you working at your job because you LOVE it or are you just there to make ends meet?ID-100139597

So now ask yourself this question…

“What would you be doing if money were no object?” Continue reading

What 36 Percent Of Everyone Is Lacking – Let’s FIX The Problem!

What 36 Percent Of Everyone Is Lacking – Let’s FIX The Problem!

Today we saw a news report that shocked us, and it’s a HUGE problem that needs to be fixed.

Problem36% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings! (That doesn’t count the money you may have tied up in the home you may own.)

This is TOTAL savings. Savings for retirement…savings for a rainy day! Most of the news report was giving the reasons blaming higher taxes, higher cost of living, stagnant wages and a generally declining economy.

Does this scare you? Continue reading